Sunday, December 25, 2011

True Hip-Hop #1

Alright ladies and gents, time for some hip hop education. But Mangosteen, that's ghetto music and I'm too civilized and appropriate to be listening to these type of beats. Fuck off child, listen to some real music.

Start it off strong once again. These are my boys right here, Little Brother, aka Phonte and Big Pooh on the spit and 9th Wonder on the beats coming straight outta North Carolina. This is the real deal, and these cats have stayed underground their entire careers. You dont know them, your boys dont know them, dont front like you do. Just listen and get on your grind. Look these niggas up and revel in true hip hop.

Another underground group coming out of Detroit, this group launched the career of one of the most influential producers in history, the beast J.Dilla! This group also set the stage for Elzhi, an up and coming underground rapper with a sickasssssss flow. This is a classic straight from the shelves of the Steen's library.

Another hip hop classic coming straight from the attic, I gaurantee you havent heard this joint before.  Lone Catalysts always holdin it down with that funky fresh smooth beat for the ladies. Roll up a J, sit back, relax and unwind cuz this beat is gonna sooooooth your soul nigga.

-The Steen