Tuesday, January 3, 2012

flip flop and serve hoes like flap jacks

Hello gentlemen, its been quite a while. The holiday season has really kept me in lots of good company, so its very apparent the Steen has been slacking hard on his Treasure Chest.

That being said, as I prepare more direly important blog posts for your reading pleasure, I'd like to remind you all of a very crucial law of society.

Bitches ain't shit but hoes and tricks

The holiday season once again delivers strong, dishing out a nice reality check worthy of internet stardom. Stand up for yourself, take no shit, and be your own personal Boss. Too often is that lost on our society, we candy coat the fuck out of everything.

The Steen

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Boris Yeltsin. Yes yes, the first president of the Russian Federation, blah blah blah.

This dude also loved the sauce, in fact he loved the sauce SOOOOO much that even though he was prescribed multiple different medications for an unspecified neurological disorder, this nigga drank up anyways. One time Yeltsin visited Stockholm and told the audience that Swedish meatballs reminded him of Bjorn Borg's face, proceeded to lose his balance, and almost fell off podium after drinking a single glass of Champagne.

Bjorn Borg is a Swedish tennis pansy.

Cheers to Boris Yeltsin

Merry Christmas

Jack n Coke Float
Things you will need:

Jack Daniels
Ice cream

I know it sounds complicated but you can do it.

True Hip-Hop #1

Alright ladies and gents, time for some hip hop education. But Mangosteen, that's ghetto music and I'm too civilized and appropriate to be listening to these type of beats. Fuck off child, listen to some real music.

Start it off strong once again. These are my boys right here, Little Brother, aka Phonte and Big Pooh on the spit and 9th Wonder on the beats coming straight outta North Carolina. This is the real deal, and these cats have stayed underground their entire careers. You dont know them, your boys dont know them, dont front like you do. Just listen and get on your grind. Look these niggas up and revel in true hip hop.

Another underground group coming out of Detroit, this group launched the career of one of the most influential producers in history, the beast J.Dilla! This group also set the stage for Elzhi, an up and coming underground rapper with a sickasssssss flow. This is a classic straight from the shelves of the Steen's library.

Another hip hop classic coming straight from the attic, I gaurantee you havent heard this joint before.  Lone Catalysts always holdin it down with that funky fresh smooth beat for the ladies. Roll up a J, sit back, relax and unwind cuz this beat is gonna sooooooth your soul nigga.

-The Steen

The Funk #1

Start it off strong gents. Musical Education

Captain Mangosteen here, striving each and every day to educate the masses of the internet. Todays lesson is a lesson in FUNK. That shit your parents probably got down to, because lets face it, you're young and you dont listen to these gems. So lets start it off right with a little known classic from my boys Lakeside!

Awwwww yeah baby, now thats a smooooth jam. This joint was also in GTA San Andreas, so you know CJ and Ryder had some crazy blunt rides to this shit. Classic driving song, classic smoking song, classic song to ball like a boss to. This jam was Lakeside's only real hit, back when the U.S. was awesome, 1980

Now this is the real deal kiddos, S.O.S. Band in the house. Once again, 1980 in its prime. You wanna jam? You wanna get down? You wanna blow some chicks mind in your love palace? Slap this shit on your "Mackin Bitches" playlist and get to it. Nah for real though.......slap this shit on there.... She might be confused, but that's when you hit her with your smooth funk moves and bring it on home. You dig? You dig.

Just to keep with this whole love palace ideology we got goin on up in here, lets kick it with another classic. This is a slow one for all you cool cats out there who like a little romance. You play this shit, you are a classy motherfucker. Remember that boys. The "Mackin Bitches" playlist. Its essential.

Keep it funky and roll up that green


Whats crackin cats?

Captain Mangosteen here, dedicated to educating the masses of the interwebs on some oldschool classics jams for the ages, cool do it yourself projects, some self help, and a whole bunch of other goodies.
Stick with me as I educate your ass